We have set ourselves the goal of operating in a climate-neutral manner as early as the year 2030. In order to achieve this objective, we continuously work on optimising our production processes throughout our value-added chain. This huge commitment connects us with our commercial partners, who are also making a significant contribution to the reduction of CO₂ emissions along their supply chains.

By consistently checking the consumption of any investments, we ensure the efficient use of our energy. We also prioritise the use of electric vehicles – such as electric forklifts, for example – on our company premises and provide our workforce with electric charging stations free of charge to use with their private vehicles.

Our handling of resources.
Simply sustainable.

The recovery of valuable raw materials has been a key component of our sustainability strategy for a long time. Through the recovery of PVC, PE, VPE and metals in our company's own recycling area, our materials remain in economic circulation: metals are melted down and new metal supplies are added. Recycled plastic flows back into our production. We can also process residual cable lengths this way, feeding raw materials back into the value-added chain and thus closing the material cycle.

Simply sustainable.
Our reusable drums.

Actively conserving resources through reuse: With the KTG circulation system, we are committed to the comprehensive reuse of cable drums. On request, we offer our company's own W+W system. Optimally tailored to the requirements of our customers, we thus guarantee the ecologically sensible reuse of our quality drums and save on valuable raw materials.

Our supply chains.
Stable and sustainable.

For us, the close cooperation between us and our partners is based on values such as respect, honesty and fairness. In order to sustainably expand our cooperation, we are focussing on an effective environmental management system (ISO 14001). Wide-ranging supplier audits, compliance regulations and our Code of Conduct create a clear behavioural framework and form the basis of our partnerships with national and international suppliers.