Important information. For your safety.

Company environmental protection and work safety is a declared objective of Waskönig + Walter. In order to prevent work accidents and give consideration to the environment, we would like to make you aware of a few things prior to your visit to our company or employment here. These range from alarm regulations and rules to be complied with on our premises, to the correct procedure for registration and instruction. – We are looking forward to your visit!

General information for visitors:

  1. Smoking and the taking of photographs/recording of video footage on our company premises is strictly prohibited.

  2. We assume no liability for personal vehicles or work vehicles being brought onto the factory premises. Owners of personal vehicles will be liable for damage incurred by Waskönig+Walter.

  3. If a hot-work permit is required, this must be applied for in the "Servicing" department.

  4. The visitor's pass issued to you must be worn so it is visible.

  5. As a general rule, the wearing of safety shoes and bump caps is mandatory for all visitors entering our production facility.

E-Ticket - Your access to Waskönig+Walter

Upon arrival at our location, please check in with your e-ticket. You can bring this with you on your mobile phone or in printed form. Use the QR code on the e-ticket to check in at the registration terminal next to our porter's office. If you have any questions about registration, please contact our gatekeeper staff.